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More Newspapers Reduce Ink Cost With ProImage OnColor ECO Ink Optimisation Software

More Newspapers Reduce Ink Cost With ProImage OnColor ECO Ink Optimisation Software

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Reducing ink cost and carbon footprint by 20%

Princeton, NJ, 1st February, 2011 - ProImage <> has announced that two more newspapers, the Seattle Times, WA, and The Record, Stockton, CA, have successfully installed ProImage OnColor ECO ink optimisation software.

OnColor ECO is an ink optimisation software application that reduces ink consumption on offset presses while maintaining the highest possible print quality. It automatically analyses PDF files and determines the exact amount of ink needed to produce the best quality, resulting in a perfect output, using less ink.

It converts pages containing both pixel and vector data to the right colour space, regardless of whether objects are RGB or CMYK, while preserving the original colour appearance.

Damian Glick, Operations Director at The Record said, “We were looking to save money on ink expenses as well as improve quality on high coverage material, with less show through and ink set off. The new ink profile has delivered on both counts.

“While black ink consumption has gone up 12%, color ink consumption has dropped 31%. The impact is a 20% reduction in ink costs. Another large benefit is system’s ability to automatically compensate for commercial files that have not been optimized for newspaper printing.”

Jonathan G. Tolton, Fairview Operations Director, The Seattle Times Company, confirmed, “The reported ink savings have exceeded our initial expectations, and will be able to validate those numbers as the year progresses.

“OnColor ECO fits well within our Newsway page management software workflow and is pretty much invisible to our processes. It is nice to install new software and not have to revisit it,” adds Jonathan Tolton. “Since installation we have not needed to intervene on any of the page processing, and OnColor ECO has also steered us toward consistently processing all pages with the same colour profile.”

Rick Shafranek, ProImage America VP of sales and marketing commented, “Whilst for the publisher the immediate benefit is less ink cost and faster drying, improved print quality is a real benefit for advertisers and less show-through and rub-off a benefit for readers. With a very short ROI this technology should be an integral part of every printer’s workflow process. We are delighted that OnColor ECO has enabled so many newspapers, and their readers, to benefit.”



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