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Women In News (WIN)

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Women in News works with newspapers and their high-potential female employees to overcome the gender gap in management and senior editorial positions. It does so by equipping programme participants with sustainable strategies, skills and support networks to advance their careers and contribute to the growth of strong local media enterprises. In 2014 Women in News will run in Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, reaching more than 60 media professionals from more than 30 news media companies throughout Southern Africa. For the first time, WAN-IFRA will partner with member association Print and Digital Media South Africa as well as the South African Editor's Forum to bring the programme to South Africa.

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WIN Featured in Malawi’s Daily Times Newspaper

 The 2014 launch of the Women In News programme was  featured in Malawi’s Daily Times newspaper. The article was  written by WIN-er Chipiliro Kansilanga.

WIN participant Lenah Kedikaetswe selected for prestigious fellowship

 Lenah Kedikaetswe, Founding Editor of Pristine Online  Magazine  in  Botswana and one of the participants of WAN-  IFRA's Women  in  News (WIN) Programme, was recently  selected to participate  in  the prestigious Washington  Fellowship, initiated by President  Barack Obama, as part of  the US’ Young African Leadership  Initiative (YALI).


A spotlight on 'Women In News'

With 80% of participants having been promoted or making a career move since its launch in Botswana, Namibia and Zambia, the highly successful Women in News (WIN) programme is now expanding to two additionalcountries, Zimbabwe and Malawi. More than 20 news media companies and 50 high potential women thus far have benefited directly from the skills development, coaching, peer mentoring and networking opportunities provided through WIN. The first series of Women in News 2014 events took place from 10-14 March.

WIN Graduate Heads Sunday Mail Newspaper in Zambia

Three years ago when WIN Graduate Emelda Libanga joined the Women In News (WIN) programme, she was subeditor at the Zambia Daily Mail. Today she is editor of the Sunday Mail, a position that brings about many more challenges and responsibilities, but also the possibility for real impact and change.


WAN-IFRA is pleased to invite women working for newspapers or digital media in Malawi, South Africa and Zimbabwe to apply for the groundbreaking Women in News (WIN) leadership development programme. DEADLINE: FRIDAY 17 JANUARY 2014

Pioneering the Cause for Media Reform in Zambia

Journalists across the world have been harassed, beaten and silenced for telling the truth. In countries boasting rich democracy, the media enjoys great benefits from the establishment of bodies whose sole mandate is to make life easier for journalists. Zambia is one such country that is celebrating the establishment of an organisation that works for the good of the industry. The person who is pioneering this cause is Leah Komakoma.

Lenah Kedikaetswe, Botwsana’s Digital Pioneer

 The world over is abuzz with all the technological advances,  and one of the fastest phenomena is blogging. Amateurs,  professional writers and laymen are catching on to this fever  throughout the world. Botswana, through its enterprising  youth,  is also catching-up with the rest of the world.


Q&A with WIN Sophomore, Tlotlo Mbazo

Tlotlo Mbazo is Special Projects Editor at the Botswana Guardian. She talks to WAN-IFRA about what she has gained from the WIN programme and how she has put her new skills into practice.

Jarsveld the highflier, casts her net wider

 She is strong and smart. Her success is a one in a million  and she is the epitome of many women and men who aspire  to hold positions of power in their own organisations. She  walks with calculated steps and with pride and ease. And  when she opens her mouth, she carefully chooses her words.  Her name is Jennine Van Jarsveld and she is a sophomore in  the Women In News (WIN) Leadership Programme.

Female Journalist Goes the Distance

 Phemelo Ramasu is always on the move. From travelling 800km  to profile a legendary folklore artist now living in poverty to  climbing the ranks in the newsroom, Ramasu has made a name  for herself at the Botswana Guardian and Midweek Sun. She's an  intrepid reporter, tackling gender stereotypes that have long  plagued many Southern African newsrooms.

WIN Ladies - Taking the Opportunity to Lead

In the first of a series of profiles of our Women In News participants, WAN-IFRA interviews Maureen Mwaba Mumba to find out what has inspired her to advance in her career as an accountant with the Zambia Daily Mail.

"WIN is about training people in leadership. I’ve noted that I am now confident in the manner I approach my work, how I delegate and have confidence in prioritising."

"We must keep women media professionals within the media sector"

This was the message received by the more than fifty participants attending the third annual WAN-IFRA Women in News Summit in Lusaka, Zambia, this week, which brought together women from the media industry in Botswana, Namibia and Zambia for a three-day event.

Mmegi Journalist and WIN Participant Receives MISA Botswana Media Award

 Women in News participant Baboki Kayawe has been named  ‘Best Reporter in Education Issues’, having scooped a Media  Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Botswana Chapter Award in  October 2012.

 Kayawe attributed her receiving the award to WIN and said  it has contributed in her new excellence at work.

Women in News (WIN) Launches Third Year in Botswana, Namibia and Zambia

WAN-IFRA’s groundbreaking Women in News programme kicked off 2012 with simultaneous launch events in Gaborone, Lusaka and Windhoek in March 2012.

Women in News Programme Enters Second Year

"We are very impressed by the direct impact this programme has had on the professional lives of the participants, with several of them taking on new positions or changing their career paths," said Programme Director Melanie Walker, who noted that the programme doubled in size in just its second year.

“A leader sets the culture for the organisation; a manager leads the team”

Respect for deadlines, being an 'active' listener, and learning how to make decisions are key qualities of a good leader, said Paula Fray, expert trainer and Regional Director of IPS Africa, in her opening of a four-hour training session on leadership developed exclusively for participants of the WAN-IFRA Women in News (WIN) programme.

Coaching Benefits WIN’s Participants - and Coaches

Possibly the most impactful and pivitol aspect of WAN-IFRA's Women In News (WIN) programme is career coaching. In order to assist participants from Botswana, Namibia an Zambia in developing their career roadmaps - detailed five-year plans for professional growth within the media industry - two international career coaches have been actively involved since WIN's July launch.


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