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India’s best printed newspapers

India’s best printed newspapers

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ICQC membership, once filled by leading newspaper titles of the West, began seeing winners from India early in this century. The 23rd edition of the competition in 2018-2020 saw Indian newspaper titles emerge as the largest group in the club and here are those “India’s best-printed newspapers”. A total of 67 publications, newspapers and magazines, produced by 54 publishing and printing companies in 20 countries achieved membership in the International Color Quality Club for this two-year period. Altogether, 121 publications from around the world participated in the latest competition.

Indian publications at their best

Increases in the numbers of participants and winners from India can be attributed to the pragmatic approach of Indian publishers. While print is declining in the West, Indian publishers have taken it upon themselves to not only sustain but also grow their print businesses.

By making their titles capable of printing high-quality color, they have prepared themselves to be more attractive to advertisers and readers. Their efforts to participate in the International Color Quality Club competition is a testimony to this.

While participation in this competition is no easy task, as it involves time and resources to meet the demanding printing conditions, the benefits are manifold. Many publishers use the competition to benchmark their different print centres and create a healthy workplace. The competition also gives publishers the confidence to innovate and offer different kinds of printed products with very high print quality standards to advertising customers. This publication presents the winners from India, quite simply, "India's best-printed newspapers"  

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